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December 18, 2020
Rovsing will deliver the FLEX mission EPS EGSE to TAS-UK
February 26, 2021
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February 4, 2021

Three more European Service Modules to be built for Artemis

ESA announced 2nd of February that a contract for the construction of three more European Service Modules (ESM) has been signed with Airbus Defence and Space, Bremen. These three European Service Modules – in addition to three already in production – will be used with Orion, NASA’s spacecraft that will fly astronauts to the Moon and lunar Gateway as part of the Artemis programme.

Rovsing is the sole Danish contributor to the ESM and Artemis programme, providing vital Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) used to support the Assembly, Integration and Testing of the ESM in both Europe and USA during integration with Orion.

We have prepared a short video about the ESM role for the Artemis programme as well as contribution by the team at Rovsing. The video is narrated by Andreas Mogensen, who is currently serving as the European astronaut liaison officer to NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC).

Rovsing has delivered a total of 4x SAW FEE (Solar Array Wing Front-End Equipment) systems to our customers’ facilities in Europe and USA. The SAW FEE racks emulate the 4x solar array wings of the European Service Module (ESM) for supporting the integration and test. The SAW FEE emulates the 4x Solar Array Wings of the ESM using Rovsing’s RO-5100 SAS Modules representing each of the 36 sections. Each SAS Module is connected to the ESM through a RO-1010 Second Level Protection (SLP) module, which ensures the flight hardware is protected throughout electrical testing. The SAW FEE also emulates the ancillary functions of the wings such as temperature sensors and feedback signals in order to provide a full Solar Array Wing simulation from deployment and through the full mission cycle using the RO-2300 Solar Array MASC Platforms.

Rovsing has delivered 2x sets of PCDU EGSE and currently has a third set in production to support Leonardo of Milan, Italy for the Assembly, Integration and Unit Testing of the Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit (PCDU) for the ESM. The PCDU EGSE provides a test suite of hardware and software for supporting PCDU assembly, integration and verification by means of Solar Array simulation, discrete signal simulation, Battery simulation and various Load simulations. The PCDU EGSE will provide the customer with a full range of ground support testing and simulation based on Rovsing key products such as the RO-5100 SAS Module, R0-1010 and RO-1100 SLP Modules, RO-2000 range MASC products as well as the Rovsing EGSE Controller SW Suite.

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