Distributed Simulation & Test Environment (DSTE) Product Range

Modular hardware and software architecture with multipurpose modules and components in a common and reconfigurable simulation and test environment easily adaptable to meet project‐ and customer‐specific requirements.

Accessible through local and remote industry standard protocols and API’s

Altogether >20 configurable standard products covering:

Power Front-Ends:

  • 28V / 0.5A to 15A
  • 50V / 0.5A to 15A
  • Compact (5 in 2U / 9 in 3U)


Discrete Front-Ends:

  • Analogue/HPC pulse receiver/detector
  • Bi-level, pulse, AS/DS/ML16
  • PPS, CUC, Event Generation
  • UART
  • SpaceWire
  • Thermistor acquisition, Relay status and Bi-level status
  • HPC pulses and Relay simulation
  • Command Receiver
  • Reaction Wheel simulation