Software Solutions

Rovsing’s standard and proven EGSE Controller Software provides the following functionality across a wide range of EGSE deployments through simple configuration:

To act as a bridge between the Remote Central Check-out System or local console and the hardware components inside the EGSE, by means of TC execution and TM generation

To act as the single point of logical connection to the hardware and thus manage and maintain the state of the sub-systems (preventing race conditions or resource clashing)

To enable seamless simulation of each hardware unit, to speed up and improve test and development (note these simulators is not expected to be delivered)

To support writing and execution of test scripts, in particular used for system and integration testing.

To provide a simple MMI to the sub-system, enabling an operator to locally command and monitor the hardware and software components inside the EGSE.

To log commands, telemetries, measurement changes, events and self test reports