RO-5000 Solar Array Simulation Product Range

RO-5100 SAS Module

The Rovsing RO-5000 SAS product range provides the following primary advantages to space customers:

  • Ultra-fast dynamic response performance, the key to high fidelity to SA simulation within the space domain.
  • Up to 685W of Power from a single module (137V / 5A & 68.5V / 10A).
  • Class leading energy efficiency from a smart linear + switch-mode Power hybrid design, translating into less heat dissipation and therefore considerable less noise from the SAS rack as a whole.
  • The smallest form factor available, 2740W from a single 3U high unit, with no need for additional forced cooling devices or empty space sections between stacked sub-racks
  • Programmable first level protection (OVP, OCP)

Each RO-5100 SAS Module is fully self-contained with regards to inputs, outputs and its chassis thus easing configurability and management as units can be slid in and out of the rack without the need for adjusting the rest of the system.

The RO-5100 has been developed in close collaboration with ESTEC’s Power Conditioning department. ESTEC has received a reference instance of the RO-5100, furthermore Rovsing’s SAS product is incorporated within SCOE systems for the ExoMars 2020 mission and MetOp-SG missions. The RO-5100 is in use on the Orion program for the European Service Module where it is a key element in the two sets of the MPCV-ESM PCDU EGSE and three sets of the MPCV-ESM SAW FEE, first deployments on the program where in early 2016 with subsequent recurrent deliveries in 2016/2017. Also a RO-5100 based system was delivered to Lockheed Martin Space Systems (Denver) in autumn 2016 and as part of the Power Special Test Equipment renewal for Boeing