On Site Engineering Support

On-Site Engineering Support

The scale and complexity of space missions means that large engineering teams with highly specialized skills and domain knowledge are needed. Engineering and logistics support services offer an attractive way to provide qualified manpower to supplement the customer’s engineering staff.

Software Engineering

Rovsing offers engineering services with highly qualified software engineers who can also be co-located at customer premises and function as integrated members of the customer’s software engineering staff.

Assembly, Integration and Validation Services

Rovsing provides complete support of customer AIV programs, including development of simulator and emulator tools, development of AIV strategy and procedures, as well as providing qualified staff for performing the AIV activities.

Project Management

Managing space projects in accordance with international space standards is a discipline on its own. Rovsing performs the project management for customer space projects, utilizing the expertise built up through more than fifty development projects within the space industry.

Quality Assurance and Configuration Management

Rovsing provides quality assurance and configuration management personnel and complete departments for large, international projects, which will perform quality assurance and configuration management in accordance with international space standards.

System Operation and Maintenance

Rovsing provides skilled engineers for operations and maintenance of ground systems and ground system infrastructures.


Rovsing’s on-site engineering support activities include:

  • Euclid Quality Assurance Support
  • BepiColombo Satellite Software Validation Support
  • Sentinel-3 Satellite Software Validation Support
  • CD-MCS Help Desk Support
  • CSG (Europe’s Spaceport) Technical Centre Quality Assurance activity
  • CSG Telecommunication Equipment Maintenance
  • CSG Global Configuration Management
  • XMM Satellite Assembly, Integration & Verification Support
  • Galileo System Integration & Verification Engineering Support
  • Galileo Radio Frequency Compatibility Test Engineering Support
  • COLUMBUS Flight Application Software Subcontractor Management
  • COLUMBUS Software Integration and Test
  • COLUMBUS User Support and Operations Centre Network Maintenance
  • ESO (European Southern Observatory) Science Archive Operations Support
  • EUMETSAT UNIX System Software Maintenance