EGSE Systems

Satellite & Payload Check-Out Systems

A central requirement for mission success is thorough validation of all mission systems and subsystems. Test systems are widely used in the space industry to validate the interfaces and functionality of satellites, satellite platforms, satellite payloads, satellite instruments and avionics, both in connection with initial validation testing and for verifying functionality during continued operations.

Rovsing delivers systems for complete satellite or satellite subsystem testing. Rovsing has developed a modular test system architecture, based on S/W and H/W modules developed by Rovsing for most common space interfaces such as Power, TM/TC, MIL-STD-1553B and SpaceWire. A dedicated test system can then be composed by configuration of the modular architecture, installation of monitoring and control software, as well as test definition and scheduling software as required. Besides reduced development time, this has the advantage that the system to a large extent consists of elements that have been validated on previous missions.

Rovsing is in particular a respected supplier of Power and Payload SCOE Systems (Special Check-Out Equipment) based on a newly developed range of Rovsing standard products that can be configured to individual satellite needs.

Our experience includes turn-key deliveries of:

  • Central Check-out Equipment or Core EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) solutions
  • Payload EGSE solutions
  • Platform EGSE solutions
  • Power & Launch SCOE solutions
  • Instrument EGSE solutions
  • Thermal EGSE solutions
  • Avionics Test Systems
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References :

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  • Lockheed Martin Power SCOE Reference facility
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  • ExoMars 2020 Solar Array Simulator
  • Sentinel-1 Power Supply SCOE
  • Sentinel-3 OLCI Camera SCOE
  • Sentinel-3 OLCI Instrument EGSE
  • Herschel-Planck Thermal EGSE
  • Galileo IOV Payload EGSE Service Module Simulator
  • Galileo IOV RF Suitcases
  • Galileo Local Test Station
  • Galileo Data Management and Control Facility
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  • Galileo TTC&F Interface Emulators
  • Aladin PDM EGSE
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  • XMM Core EGSE system
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