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July 5, 2023
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December 5, 2023
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November 22, 2023

9 milestones completed since July! 🚀

The time has come again to look back on these past months and share all the exciting projects we have been working on.

A project now finished and delivered is the FLEX Launch Umbilical SCOE that was delivered to TAS-UK. We thank TAS-UK for yet another excellent cooperation between our two teams!

We completed the CDR for the FORUM Platform Emulator and Kick-off yet another FORUM project with OHB, the Thermal EGSE.

Another interesting project that was Kick-off was an Italian Defence programme with a data pack of more than 100 documents! The team was extra pleased with that milestone.

The Galileo 2nd Generation EGSE is now moving forward in full speed and the CDR for the BatSim/BCE was approved.

Three interesting projects we are working on together with Airbus Defence & Space is the Cristal LSTM Power SCOE where we finished the CDR. We had the successful TRB/DRB for the Cristal Power Front End and the TRR for the LSTM (second rack) was also approved. 
In parallel, we completed the TRR for the ARIEL SIS reduced model.
As you can see, the only milestones we have missed is the update on LinkedIn. We will continue to work hard with the remaining milestones of this year and keep you better up to date! 😀

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