Successful Critical Design Review for ELSA-M Power SCOE
February 9, 2023
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November 22, 2023
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July 5, 2023

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At Rovsing we try to celebrate every small accomplishment. It keeps our great and hard-working team motivated, and it lightens up the mood in the office as we enjoy some sweets as a reward. We just need to improve taking time to announce them!

During the past few months, we are proud to announce some recent achievements:

On May 27th the ELSA-M Power SCOE Test Readiness Review was approved by Astroscale. We were hence formally authorized to start Factory Acceptance Testing which has now finished and the ELSA-M Power SCOE has been shipped to Astroscale earlier this week. From Kick-off to delivery in less than 10 months for a full Power SCOE crammed into one rack!

On June 1st the Galileo 2G EGSE Set #1 UMB SCOE TRB&DRB was approved by TAS-I and ESA. We have shipped the UMB SCOE to TAS-I, Rome where it has now safely arrived. For the other G2G EGSEs we are continuing work with formal closeout of the BatSim&BCE SCOE CDR achieved 15th of June.

On June 21st the Mars Sample Return ERO E-SIS Test Readiness Review was approved by Airbus DS and ESA, we will then move to start the official acceptance test campaign.

On June 23rd the CRISTAL & LSTM Power Front-End Test Readiness Review was approved by Airbus DS and ESA with the official test acceptance test campaign for the first Power Front-End EGSE destined for CRISTAL starting with delivery aimed for July.

On June 28th the FLEX Launch Umbilical SCOE DRB was approved by TAS-UK and ESA with the shipment of the rack to the UK planned for early July.

Hard work pays off and we are very happy to share it with you!