Ground Segment Solutions

Rovsing has contributed to space ground segment infrastructure in terms of ground station architectural/network design, software development, data archiving/operations and supply, maintenance and support for operational centres.

Architectural Design of Ground Systems

Rovsing performs the overall design of ground system architectures for a space mission, taking into consideration all aspects of operations, usability and maintenance, to deliver an architecture which is both robust and flexible

Ground Networks & Processing of Earth Observation Data

Space missions often involve large and geographically separated groups of operations personnel and scientific users, which mean that large and distributed network and command & control systems are needed.

Ground Station Software

Rovsing has participated in software development for a number of Ground Stations, providing:

  • Command and Control Softwar
  • Central Communication Controller Software
  • Telecommand Subsystem Software
  • Network Interface Software

Network Infrastructure Systems

Rovsing implements IT networks constituting the core of ground system infrastructures, including installation, cabling, server configuration, installation of firewalls, user and administrator setup, etc. Rovsing also offers maintenance on network systems, training and on-site and on-call support.


Rovsing’s Ground Segment references include:

  • AMAS Satellite Ground Segment Specification End-to-End
  • COLUMBUS User Support and Operations Centre Network Implementation
  • COLUMBUS/ATV Monitoring and Control Subsystem Design
  • VSAT User Networks
  • SURF: Survey and Classification of Advanced Feature Manipulation Techniques and Tools for Earth Observation Applications
  • HORUS (Heritage Observation and Retrieval Under Sand) Earth Observation Software
  • Meteosat Transition Program Primary Ground Statio
  • Telecom-2 Ground Station
  • Hispasat Ground Station
  • Galaxy Ground Station