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August 31, 2018
Rovsing’s Solar Array Wing Front End Equipment shipped with ESM FM1
November 30, 2018
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October 31, 2018

Shipment of Interface Front-End Electronics Unit for MetOp-SG RF-SCOE

In October 2018 Rovsing shipped the first of three Interface Front-End Electronic (IFE) Units to Honeywell for the MetOp Second Generation programme. MetOp Second Generation (MetOp-SG) is a cooperative undertaking between ESA and EUMETSAT.

The IFE is an element of the test equipment for the Scatterometer, one of the instruments of MetOp-SG. The IFE is based on the Rovsing MASC (Measuring, Acquisition, Simulation and Control) platform and works as a control, monitoring and supervisory unit as an integrated part of the MetOp-SG RF-SCOE.

IFE key features are:

  • Manual, local or remote operation;
  • Temperature monitoring and control via system of thermistors, heaters and fans;
  • Fault tolerant, low-level over-temperature protection (OTP);
  • Control and position monitoring of RF waveguide switches;
  • Build-in high-precision and low-noise power supplies for RF amplifiers;
  • Short-circuit protection on all inputs and outputs;
  • Rovsing software suite, complete with MiB database, GUI, business logic, telemetry, telecommands, house-keeping and logging features.

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