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March 2, 2021
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March 5, 2021

Rovsing has completed the TRR for the Set #1 of EPS SCOE for PLATO

Rovsing has completed the TRR for the Set #1 of EPS SCOE for PLATO

Image courtesy ESA

On the 25th of February, the Test Readiness Review (TRR) for Set #1 of the Electrical Power Subsystem (EPS) Special Check-Out Equipment (SCOE) in support of the PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars (PLATO) mission was successfully approved by Thales Alenia Space (TAS), OHB and the European Space Agency (ESA).

The Customer complemented Rovsing on the quality of the work ensuring a very smooth review process with no identified problems and only few recorded comments, which in turn resulted in TRR approval in under an hour!

With the PLATO EPS SCOE, Rovsing will provide TAS-UK with a test suite of hardware and software for supporting Spacecraft assembly, integration, and verification (AIV) by means of Solar Array simulation, Deployment mechanism simulation, Battery simulation and conditioning, Payload simulation, as well as it will provide Umbilical support during AIV and launch campaign. The EPS SCOE will provide the customer with a full range of ground support testing and simulation based on Rovsing key products such as the RO-5100 SAS Module, R0-1010 and RO-1100 SLP Modules, RO-2000 range of MASC products as well as the Rovsing EGSE Controller SW Suite.

With the TRR approved the Rovsing team started with Acceptance Tests Campaign of the first set of EPS SCOE subsystems to verify compliance with all the requirements in preparation of delivery to TAS facility in France in summer 2021.

PLATO is the third medium-class mission in ESA’s Cosmic Vision programme. Its objective is to find and study a large number of extrasolar planetary systems, with emphasis on the properties of terrestrial planets in the habitable zone around solar-like stars. PLATO has also been designed to investigate seismic activity in stars, enabling the precise characterisation of the planet host star, including its age.

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