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March 22, 2024
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May 14, 2024

News April & May

During these months of April and May, we have seen our hard work paying off with the achievement of #milestones for the projects CRISTAL and LSTM, which are part of the #Copernicus Sentinel Expansion Missions 🛰 . We got the Test Readiness Review approved by our client Airbus Defence & Space, this means that we are now authorized to start working on the Factory Acceptance Test for the Solar Array Power Simulator #SCOE and the Umbilical SCOE. Delivery is expected before the summer.

We also got the Test Readiness Review for the Umbilical Check-Out Terminal Equipment approved for a defence project by our client Thales Alenia Space, the next step is to finalize the test campaign ahead of the Test & Delivery Review Board.

Finally, we delivered four Dual-Channel SLP 130 to our client Boeing, a recurring order from them to support their internal test system upgrades. It’s always a pleasure supporting our customers and making their systems safer for the flight hardware.

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