Test Readiness Review for SAW FEE completed
August 22, 2019
Rovsing at the Space Tech Expo in Bremen
November 6, 2019
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October 31, 2019

Delivery 4th SAW FEE to Airbus DS in Bremen

28th of October 2019, Rovsing successfully delivered the 4th SAW FEE (Solar Array Wing Front-End Equipment) system to Airbus Defence & Space in Bremen. The SAW FEE racks will emulate the 4 solar array wings of the European Service Module (ESM) for supporting the integration and test of the Flight Model 2 for the upcoming mission Artemis 2 (formerly known as Exploration Mission 2).

Meanwhile, the 3rd SAW FEE, known as the ATLO SAW FEE, is currently supporting Orion-ESM spacecraft checkouts at NASA Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, and Plum Brook Station, in Ohio, for the upcoming Artemis 1 mission (formerly known as Exploration Mission 1). Moreover, Rovsing provides on-site and off-site engineering support for the campaign.

To date, Rovsing has delivered a total of 4 SAW FEE systems to our Customers’ facilities in Europe and the USA. Rovsing and our SAW FEE racks are an integral part of the Artemis programme, a joint venture of NASA and ESA. The Artemis programme ensures humanity’s return to the moon and future exploration of space. Each SAW FEE system consists of two racks filled with Rovsing built RO-5100 Solar Array Simulators (SAS), RO-1010 Second Level Protection (SLP) modules, and RO-2300 Solar Array MASC Platforms.

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